these are my favorite ♡

New eos! Vanilla mint and coconut milk :)

angelo-de-musica said: You are super mega gorgeous☺️☺️☺️

💜💜 thank youuu. I’m haley



this is probably my favorite picture that I’ve ever taken

Anonymous said: I saw you've posted your url around, you're quite brave for doing that when 99% of people will give you sh!t for it. Yet it's a good thing you're doing. Funny how that works. By the way, has anyone ever asked how you were doing? How are you today?

Thank you, although anywhere that this blog url is posted hasn’t been touched in awhile. I have other blogs I’m on much more than this one. And no, nobody on tumblr asks how I am haha. But thanks a bunch for caring! I’m okay today. A bit tired and in need of another cup of coffee but I’m alright <3 How are you?


i love this jacket soo muchhh

a few of the many unnecessarily excessive phone cases that i have.
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my friend and I tye dyed and these were some of the colors we used.

love this book so much everyone should live their lives by this